Business Relationship.

When any client hires me , they expect a professional service. because it is your hard earn investment. That is why it is important that the client fully understands who I am, and what I can offer to you as a responsive marketing designer and developer. Also my client must understand the concepts and what is involved to allow me to do my job and offer you the most professional service. This is a business relationship and both sides must know each others position and what can be expected.

Since many mobile users access the web from low coverage areas or browse on expensive data plans, it is important to make your website load as quickly as possible. Visitors often take a fraction of a second to judge your site. If the design or layout turns them off, they leave, without even getting to the content. So the user experience you offer them is essential for your business success.

“ It’s a new approach that takes into account several important factors such as user behavior, screen size, and operating platform. Responsive design responds automatically and optimally to the preferences of the user, regardless of their screen or software of choice. ”

Forget about what you think how things should be designed, it is not the old print format concept as it was 5 years ago, when it comes to responsive design and layout, every factor must be taken into consideration to meet the standards of todays technology.