Why Outsourcing a web designer from India is risky.

Now to make this official and clear, there are some truly professional India developers available when it comes to website design and development. I personally know of three, and are very close friends. But the vast majority are not worth dealing with, or loosing your money on. For the 20 years, I have been in this business, I have received over 30 complaints from clients regarding their website, those who originally thought by outsourcing they can save money and have the job done. It is a myth that outsourcing to India is always cheaper or better.

Another issue, that I have heard so many times from clients with bad experiences, is regarding communication. Communication problems and cultural differences hinder development. It is difficult enough to translate technical and programming concepts to clients and establish feasible project goals without having to provide clear instructions to Indian programmers who have a different grasp of English. Misunderstanding happen, projects evolve but not necessarily in the right direction. The true cost of poor development may vary from a financial loss from system downtime to a system that collapses and loses critical data. Outsourcing creates an environment that breeds misunderstanding because communication is not as direct as it would have been with someone that understands your business and your needs, ideally from the same country or culture.