Online Shopping V.S. Physical Store Shopping

With the huge popularity with online shopping, small business has no chance in continuing as usual, small business owners will eventually have to accept the fact times are changing. Plain and simple. This also applies to large business as well. We can all reminisce about the days when department stores and mega-malls were among the main places for us to meet, socialize and, of course, shop. Spending an afternoon at the big downtown department stores used to be a family treat during the holiday shopping season. The experience eventually evolved more into trips to the mall – which were typically anchored by a major department store or two.

Yet we had to deal with the reality of crowds, gas money to get through and from, find parking, or those who had to take a train, buss, etc. Which we know can be frustrating and exhausting. Ah why not shop online and have it delivered right to your door?

“ That’s all changed. We have certainly witnessed in recent years a pronounced uptick in terms of consumers doing their shopping online and through various mobile devices and applications. ”