Why Mobile Apps Security Is Paramount

Let's face it, if it comes to downloading and installing any type of mobile app, it has to be a bank, so I can handle my financial matters. You would never see me use any other apps from small business such as fast food places, department chains, games, or any other service that requires from me sensitive data and access to my smartphone. Period. Why?

Every small business wants to jump on the band wagon and hire a app developer to create an app, yet these same business fail to focus and invest in security. Or not willing to invest on security. Did you know it is more secure to connect to a department store chain website to shop online as oppose to using an app.

“ There’s no shortage of hacking tools and techniques or stories in the news about mobile app hacks for both iOS and Android platforms. Fortunately, those offering mobile application protection solutions have responded swiftly to these threats. Now, there are many approaches that one can leverage to harden an app out in the global digital world. ”

Hardening is a key step at the end of any secure software development life cycle process, which ensures that the app is running as designed at runtime and thwarts cybercriminals’ efforts to reverse engineer the app back to source code.