Who I am & What I can do..

I offer more than just a website design service, I offer more to those who truly want to professionally succeed. My experience and expertise covers a wide range of RWD marketing and video marketing presentations that effectively promote your service or products and leave an outstanding impression with your visitors. To deliever that essential message to your potential visitors!

A successful online business website is acheieved by a WELL DESIGNED. DRIVEN BY CONTENT. A website that looks beautiful, but says nothing, won`t help you convert visitors to customers. I focus on your message and goals first - then craft a well design professional website around them. Information that`s most important to your web visitors is often a simple statement of what you do. Once they understand what you do, they might want to know some important details. And then , maybe they`d like to know some background information. Because content is king!

My business-driven approach separates me from typical web design companies. For more than eighteen years, I have built a reputation for creating a positive return on investment for my clients. If you are serious about your web success, I can get you there.

Thank you for your time, undivided attention, and for considering me for your next business project.

Please note I do not do work on the following platforms:

Wordpress, Joomla, Drupal and

any website operating and connected to Amazon EC2 services.

Why Promotional Video Marketing?

An increasing number of businesses are beginning to explore video marketing in their internet marketing strategies. YouTube has become a juggernaut website over the past few years. Businesses of all shapes and sizes are beginning to appreciate its marketing potential. Understand that video marketing is as important as virtual networking, SEO, social media marketing, and website development.

And of course you don't need to be a business to take advantage of my services, I have produced video presentations for weddings, events, teaching, movies, etc... and my price range starts at $500.00.

You can take advantage of the numbers mentioned above. And if you're someone who doesn't believe your company can benefit from video marketing with YouTube, you may want to think again. Take a look at the best examples of video marketing that have gone viral over the past couple of months.

Want to know more? Read my article on "Why Video Marketing Is Becoming An Essential Element".

Client Responsive CMS Website Projects


Resposive Website

The IWMPA is an exclusive organization for women of the performing magical arts. The worlds first dedicated and exclusive women only organization towards the promotion of excellence in magic.

Canadian Trim and Decorative Ceilings Inc

Responsive CMS Website

Canadian Trim and Decorative Ceilings Inc., have been beautifying homes in the GTA area for over 35 years.

T.I. Job Search

Responsive CMS Website

T.I. Jobs Search is an all-in-one Job Search Engine. Find the latest Job listings posted on job banks, job search engine sites and job directories.


Responsive CMS Website

Community Medical Center has been providing obstetrical and newborn care in Missoula County longer than any other facility.

Transgender Insight

Responsive CMS Website

To promote equality and education for young transgender people so they may achieve their physical, intellectual, social, and spiritual potential as individuals within today's society.

Resposive Website Music World

Resposive CMS Website

A full featured Music Social Sharing Network. Members can rate, share, create playlists, upload music.

Responsive Website Book Store

Responsive CMS Website

Book store. This platform was designed to pull information of other books from amazon and iTune services, designed to be fully responsive, client can sign up as affiliates, access to all book categories and more.

Responsive Website Real Estate Service

Responsive CMS Website

Website was designed to pull real estate postings from all major online real estate services and centralize these listings under one roof. With all of the features as requested by my client.

Responsive Website Facebook Serach & Pages

Responsive CMS Website

A fully featured and powerful service that will allow anyone to search Facebook directly, from users, events, pages, and so much more to large to list.

T.I. News

Responsive CMS Website

Full professional News & Magazine Publishing Service.

The Citizen's Council of Canada

Responsive CMS Website

The Citizen's Council of Canada is a group of Canadian citizens who are committed to bringing about positive change in Canada. We believe that old style party politics do not always work in the best interests of average Canadians.

Tasneem Lawyer

Responsive CMS Website

Tasneem is a solutions-focused family lawyer and strives to assist clients to reach fair and practical settlements, only resorting to litigation when absolutely necessary.

Please note: There is no active links made available with the above projects, with respect to my clients request. Those who wish to view the above services will be supplied with the actual URL's as reference to my work.
Upon request. Thank you. Victoria Tamara.